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Mandrien Consulting Group Believes in Family Value

In the Mandrien Consulting Group, you will find knowledgeable and experienced professionals that can give guidance and complement your interpersonal connections. Here you will learn to understand and reap the many benefits from the unique ties that you share with parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles. These are the people that provide support , encouragement and unconditional love as you make your way out into the world today.


Mandrien Consulting Group helps families learn how to cope with the trials and tribulations of the economic decline. Due to this financial burden, parents often find that they both need to seek employment in order to meet the financial obligations. Mothers may be stricken with remorse over not being there when their children come home. However, they need to realize that they are doing what is necessary to provide for the health and welfare of their family. A knowledgeable and compassionate counselor can provide support and understanding to parents that are having trouble dealing with the difficulties of their job and their parental responsibilities.


When things get tough, and you find yourself facing challenges, families are there to help one another throughout these difficulties. The Mandrien Consulting Group supports this endeavor. A natural response to unwarranted pressure is to defend the family members, even through adversity. Arguments are bound to erupt along the way in close families, but these bonds will strengthen and forge together to provide comfort and support for each other.

Mandrien Specializes In M & A

In the corporate world, there are difficult decisions being made everyday. These are often critical decisions that affect hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Individuals and corporations often need help making these decisions and will turn to an independent corporate advisor for assistance. Mandrien Consulting Group, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, is a company with years of experience in solving even the most difficult corporate issues.

Mandrien Consulting Group’s professional staff has many years of collected knowledge and experience that enables their clients to reach decisions with confidence and direction. The staff members at Mandrien Group are able to handle even the most difficult corporate situations with ease, and their clients know that they are getting the best advice in the business. Clients know that advice given by Mandrien staff is sound and is backed by years of experience.

Mandrien Consulting Group is headed by Rusty Solomon and has its headquarters in New York, N.Y. They have an extensive list of clients both inside and outside of the United States. Cross border opportunities exist for certain clients.

Further information on Mandrien Invention

Mandrien is seeking to create a robust technology that will revolutionize the SEO field. The software will analyze the first 100 results in the SERPs, then benchmark those pages with 82 factors. Then, at a later date, the first 100 pages will be analyzed comparing the criteria which will lead to certain SEO conclusions. Thus in essence it will be reverse engineering the search engine as it will determine which factors are most important in attaining search engine ranking.